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Mission Beyond Borders (MBB) Spreads Hope with 4th Lenten Project

In a heart-warming display of compassion and solidarity, Mission Beyond Borders (MBB) completed its 4th Lenten project on Thursday, 21 March 2024. In partnership with an NGO Food4U, MBB embarked on a mission to distribute 200 hot-packed Chicken Nasi Lemak meals to the homeless and impoverished individuals congregated at Jln Sayur, Pudu.

The atmosphere was imbued with gratitude and relief as the recipients, predominantly comprising the elderly and some abandoned by their families, eagerly awaited their meal, having queued patiently since early afternoon. Despite a brief drizzle, the event unfolded under favourable weather conditions, ensuring that every individual received not only a warm meal but also essential supplies to take home.

The success of this charitable endeavour was made possible by the dedicated efforts of 20 volunteers from SFA parish, comprising both youth and elders, who selflessly contributed their time and energy to serve those in need. Their unwavering commitment exemplified the spirit of selflessness and community service that lies at the core of MBB's mission.

MBB extends gratitude to the 20 volunteers from SFA parish, including both youth and elders, who had generously taken time off to be part of this charitable mission. Lastly, MBB expresses thanks to God Almighty for the opportunity to serve the less fortunate.


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