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Commissioning of Catechists & Faith Formators

On January 28th, 45 catechists and RCIA Coordinators congregated for the Archdiocese Catechetical Sunday, where they were commissioned and renewed their commitment to the Ministry for the year 2024. The central theme, "We are Stewards of God's Creation," underscored the responsibility each participant holds for everything under their care.

Preceding this event, a comprehensive formation and training session occurred on January 6th. The session commenced with a welcome note from the coordinator, followed by praise and worship, scripture reading and sharing. Catechists were then provided with training on various aspects, including Theories of Learning in Education, Teaching Techniques, Lesson Planning, and the Role of a Catechist.

The program concluded with an appreciation lunch for the catechists, followed by the handover of student profiles and the cleaning of classrooms in preparation for the commencement of catechism classes in 2024.


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