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Eucharistic - Perpetual Adoration (26 May 8pm to 27 May 8am)

Eucharistic - Perpetual Adoration is when we spend time adoring the true presence of Christ Jesus in the Eucharist. This is one of the many ways we can show our adoration to God.

In the recent Perpetual Adoration at the Chapel of Pontiuncula, SFA on Friday 26 May 8pm to Saturday 27 May 8am saw more than 200 parishioners, mainly from SFA & a handful from other Parishes too, took time to be with our Lord.

With a willing heart and joyful spirit, each spent at least an hour with our Lord Jesus Himself who was seated on the Altar, the great I AM. Each saw Him and talked to Him face to face.

Many did not leave empty handed. They left with treasures of beautiful moments spent with Him - His Love, His Healing touch and His Blessings.

The results of being with Jesus, the great I AM in the Perpetual Adoration - we carry His peace, love, confidence, power & very presence...

Jesus, I trust in You ❤

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#SFA Perpetual Adoration


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