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LECTIO DIVINA - THE BOOK OF EXODUS (Chapters 5-10) with Rev. Fr. David Reegon ofm. cap.


Greetings to all, from our cherished SFA community and those beyond!

Yesterday marked Week 1 (26 May 2023) of our spiritually enriching journey through the Book of Exodus. We specifically delved into Chapters 5-10, which encompass the account of the Ten Plagues, all under the theme of THE HARDENING OF THE HEART.

Under the guidance of Rev. Fr. David Reegon ofm. cap., we encountered a scriptural landscape embodying the intrinsic values of FAITH, JUSTICE, and MERCY. These passages, resonating powerfully with our theme, served as poignant illustrations of the courage to trust God amidst trials, the repercussions of a hardened heart, and the comforting embrace of God's boundless mercy.

During our gathering, we further deepened our engagement with the text of Exodus 5 - 10. This collective reflection during our Lectio Divina session helped us better understand and connect these core values with the scripture and our shared theme.

Participants shared their personal journeys of faith and redemption, whether in writing or verbally, with each testimony standing as a testament of strength and transformation. One such testimony that deeply resonated with us was:

"Despite all my struggles in life, God has always provided for me, protected me, and given me hope. Today, I am reminded of it once again. I am truly blessed."

We invite you to browse the photos from our gathering and our compact, user-friendly guide. These resources serve as a bridge, connecting you with the experiences and teachings of the event.

If you're part of the SFA community or hail from another parish, we extend a warm invitation to join us on this journey of faith. Let's continue to inspire, uplift, and deepen our shared commitment to spiritual growth.

Mark your calendars for our next gathering: 2nd June 2023, Friday, 8-10pm at the John Paul II Hall. To join us, register here:

For further details, please contact Vincent Liew at 012-304 0007 or Susan at 016-660 6235. We look forward to welcoming you!


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