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Hello everyone, hope this message finds you well!

Yesterday, on the 30th June 2023, we brought our rich and rewarding journey through the Book of Exodus to a close. We were fortunate to have the spiritual guidance of Fr. David Reegon ofm. cap. and Fr. Valentine Gompok ofm. cap., whose wisdom significantly enhanced our collective understanding of the scriptures.

We began the evening with uplifting praise and worship led by Fr. Valentine and his team. This harmonious start set the stage for a profound connection to the scriptures.

Fr. David then guided us through a thoughtful recap of our journey in Exodus. Starting from the interpretation and overview of Exodus, we revisited key teachings, from the meaning of redemption and our responses, to recognizing how miracles can occur in seemingly hopeless situations. We explored the correct way of praying, reflecting on Psalms 77 and 50. Finally, we looked at Exodus in the context of the Pentateuch and reflected on the significance of the Tent of Meeting. This journey helped us to deeply understand and connect with the lessons from Exodus that resonate with our everyday lives.

The second part of our event was dedicated to an insightful Q&A session. Fr. David and Fr. Valentine addressed the queries we've gathered since the start of our journey. Their explanations not only answered our doubts but also provided a wider perspective on the themes we had studied. Their insights deepened our understanding and connection to the lessons from Exodus. The session concluded with a touching spiritual song, leaving our hearts stirred and spirits uplifted.

We ended the evening on a high note with fellowship amongst all the attendees, sharing our experiences, reflections, and the poignant moments from this journey.

As we conclude this chapter, let us not forget that the Biblical Ministry is gearing up for more such enriching sessions. More shared experiences and opportunities to grow in faith together are on the horizon. Stay tuned, stay engaged, and let's continue this spiritual adventure together!


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